Donations to T.L. Elliott Ministries

Financial Donations You Give to the Ministry:


If we may take this moment to sow a word of  revelation, blessing & empowerment to you when it comes to sowing into the Kingdom of GOD, please read the following statement:


Sowing (financial giving) has always been a biblical principal designed by GOD to produce results of prosperity in the life of the sower as JESUS Christ speaks towards this principal in Luke 6:38.  When one understands this principal, GOD looks to flow blessings back into the life of the Giver as they seek ways to sow back into GOD.  With that being said:


All donations you wish to give to the ministry can either be received by mail or by use of the donation tab located on this page.  Please be assured that what you sow to this ministry will be used to edify or support the ministry for Kingdom advancement in the area of media ministry, internet ministry and progressive forms of social media ministry!  If you so desire to give to the ministry, we wish to thank you in advance for your seed!

All current and future forms of media such as CDs, DVDs, etc., that may be made available from this website can be requested for purchase and your financial seed by mail or through the use of the "Buy Now " or "Buy With" buttons located on this page.  Once again, if you so desire to sow into the ministry to obtain any items that are offered, we wish to also take this time to thank you in advance!

May GOD bless you and keep you for having a desire to sow to this ministry in order to advance the Kingdom as well as advance yourself in the Kingdom by the items you have request to bless your soul!