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Man Is Watching The Heavens!

Posted by Apostle T.L. Elliott on January 21, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The word of GOD tells us, look up your heads (to the heavens); for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28). Christ makes this statement in reference to HIS return to bring this age of living to a close. In Acts 1:9-11, two men alluded to this as Christ ascended to heaven. As we dwell on these scriptures, it gives foundation to our belief that Christ will physically return to this world by coming from the heavens or by means of the sky (Matt. 24:27). The physical return of Christ as well as mans other personal agendas continually draws our interest to the heavens. Unfortunately, everyone does not share that same view as they look to the heavens. Other hidden agendas are at work as to why individuals look to the heavens or study the stars. Some say prophecy, while others claim astrology, but both are used to predict the course of future events. Why do I bring this to your attention, well as believers, we must be aware that some are attempting to deceive us in the physical return of our GOD by looking to either find, or welcome sentient beings as our friends or to introduce to us we are in a place of evolution to become gods or to make sentient beings become our received god.


Matthew 24:5, 11, 23-24 speaks of many that will either come directly in HIS name or impersonate HIS identity to the world. With that being stated, we have organizations that are studying the heavens through devices such as high powered Large Binocular Telescopes (LBT). One thing that I wish to bring to your attention is the one located at Mt. Graham, known as the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device. The acronym stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near–infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.”


Many individuals may begin to wonder why the telescope was named “LUCIFER.” Well, let me get into the information regarding its origin. The device was developed by the German State of Baden-Wurttemberg, which is currently a part of the Heidelberg University. Many are unaware that this particular German agency was a surviving entity of the scientific organization responsible for the experiments, torture, persecution and death of the Jews during the time of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mangle (the Angel of Death). The development of the device was due to a partnership with the University of Arizona and the Vatican however; what was interesting was when funding became difficult to produce this device, the former German Prime Minister Erwin Teufel saw to it that funding was made available to complete the project. What is fascinating is that the German word “Teufel” means “devil.” Interesting, isn’t it? The observatory of this great telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona is currently manned by Catholic Jesuits. Many would probably say there is nothing to this telescope other than its ability to expand mans amazement regarding the wonders of the heavens however; as spiritual individuals, it still leads one back to question why it was named Lucifer. The name of the telescope takes its origin from the fallen angel, Lucifer as referenced in Isaiah 14:21 of the Bible who we also identify with as Satan. The name Lucifer was translated from the Hebrew word “Heylel,” which means “morning star” or “bearer of light.” It also bears this translation in Latin, since it first has its meaning brought to light in the Latin Vulgate Bible. The Vulgate Bible is the first complete translation of the Old and New Testament compiled into one book.


What does this device do and what makes it different from any other high powered telescope? Well, the device has the ability to see into space with infrared capabilities. With infrared capabilities, it allows the telescope to see objects in space that cannot be seen normally with the human eyes. The acknowledged purpose of its engineering by its creators as well as users is to seek other Earth-like planets that may host extraterrestrial intelligence as well as to seek planets inside other solar systems.


What is the impact of this knowledge on the body of Christ? When the true agenda of devices such as this are explored, it does not have the interest of the Kingdom of GOD, but the interest of the world. As we seek other things beyond the things of GOD, it causes the demise of many souls. In Genesis 11, Nimrod sought to dwell in the heavens to make a name for himself. Is this possibly the same agenda of mankind at this axis in time? None of the organizations involved have stated any purpose in the device to seek the return of our LORD and Savior, especially with a device named after the enemy of the body of Christ. The scriptures declare that “all eyes shall see” when HE returns. To that end, we as believers must be wise in what we support or partner ourselves with in this season.



From the Desk of


Apostle T.L. Elliott


Knowledge Regarding Earthly & Spiritual Gridlines

Posted by Apostle T.L. Elliott on January 20, 2014 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Many of us have never entertained the thought of gridlines upon the earth (especially a spiritual one). We are physically beings, but we never explore the realm of the invisible beyond the fact that we are spiritual beings harnessed within a physical shell. To support that belief, we exercise prayers and faith based that knowledge. In the natural, when it comes to determining where we are located the world, we take a map or GPS that is based on invisible latitude and longitude lines known to many as parallels, but we don’t really correlate these lines with any known grids. As one explores geometry and understands hermetic principles (as above, so it is below/on earth as it is in heaven), a spiritual grid exists just as much as a physical grid that influences our human life.


There are 4 significant grids that the world operates under: gravitational magnetic grid, telluric grid, electric grid, and “grid of Christ consciousness.” Let me take a moment to explain these to you for spiritual clarity and understanding.


The gravitation magnetic grid is what maintains the planet in orbit around the sun. This is the grid that gives the earth gravity. It is considered to be shaped as a donut, in which its greatest points are the North and South Pole. This grid is the reason we have the Aurora Borealis (lights) at the North Pole.


The next grid is called the telluric grid. The telluric grid is said to link to our collective unconscious based on negative energy. It is a lattice grid that crosses geological faults on one side and geo-pathogenic zones on the other. They are generated by 2 planetary forces. The first is the telluric which is along geological fault lines producing massive amounts of energy. The others lines are the geo-pathogenic that are created by the accumulation of disharmonic energy. These lines are created where great amounts of conflicts, wars, slaughter, death and pain occur. Basically, these lines create a spiritual imprint (scar) on the earth in areas that negative actions happen over and over again. What one will find interesting is that in antiquity, this grid was well known and society “avoided” establishing cities or homes over or near subterranean currents or geological fault lines just because of the negative energy produced.


The third grid is called the electric grid (also called technosphere) and is based on electricity, high voltage, microwaves, television and radio waves. It has also taken the name Hartman due to the physician that measured it regarding its impact on patients with illnesses such as cancer. It has been proven that at these lines points of crossing, they become dangerous to an individual over a prolonged period of time.


The final grid is the Christ consciousness grid. It is also identified by many as “ley lines.” It is considered to be the crystalline or ascension grid. In the Keys of Enoch (a book) it is described as the “axiational lines” that are forever changing, since man continues to evolve into higher levels of spiritual consciousness. Do not feel alarmed by this, because knowledge of its existence has been for many years. It was even mentioned and described in the ancient writings of Plato as a bipolar grid that integrates emotions and information, lights and love. It amplifies our ascension level of consciousness. It is anchored to the earth at two axis (North and South Pole). It can actually be visualized as a geodesic sphere formed by pentagons and triangles, glimmering as a faceted diamond. Where these lines cross, it creates a vortex of energy that coincides with what many would call “power places” or “star-gates.” It repeats itself indefinitely in many places and is holographic in nature. Due to this particular grid, many of the ancients as well as individuals of the most recent past have placed significant monuments, geometrical shapes, religious sanctuaries and peregrinating locations on these lines. By spiritual individuals, these locations are identified as the “Christ consciousness (also known as the “God Force”)” because they are places of collective consciousness where individuals practice the concept of “one only being” or their unity with a higher power, such as GOD. It is within this grid that individuals feel they will be able to practice accessing the higher consciousness of godliness. This is the source as to where the Chinese culture developed the “Ch’i” or their science of the coming together of wind and water. The art of acupuncture was also developed from this knowledge. Known locations of these grid lines would be the pyramids of Gizah, Heliopolis in Egypt, Herod’s temple in Jerusalem, the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge, mountain tops, the Vatican and specific landmarks of the Capitol. Unfortunately, individuals of the occult have knowledge of these grid lines as well and have located their occultism and other forms of demonic practices upon these lines to intensifying their negative spiritual authority in order to manipulation unseen forces to their advantage. To give a little more insight in this area, occultist also call the “ley lines” “dragon,” in which they believe the minerals in our bodies line up with the minerals and energy of the Earth as well as significant landmarks or objects (which contains certain metals from the Earth) and opens up portals of the Earth like doorways between worlds or the heavens (inter-dimensional travel). Man’s knowledge of this is rooted back to the sacred knowledge of GOD passed to them by the “fallen ones” referenced in Genesis 6 of the Bible and the currently non-canonical writings of Enoch. Enoch chapter 8 speaks of the “Fallen Ones” teaching men of the metals of the Earth and how to “work (use) them.” They also taught men astrology, constellations, knowledge of the clouds, signs of the sun, moon and earth and casting spells. With this being said, could it also be the answer as to why Nimrod of Genesis 11:1-4 felt that he could not only build a tower, but also build it to have access to Heaven? Just a thought for one to consider. To even take that thought a little further, imagine the fact that the grid lines also line up with the earth’s parallels such as the 33rd. What makes that point very significant is the fact that some individuals have labeled the grid line of the 33rd parallel the “Parallel of Sacrifice.” The major continents (to include oceans) that are coincidentally crossed by the 33rd parallel are: Africa, Asia, and North America, the Atlantic and Pacific. As I mention this to you, let me begin to clarify the significance of the number 33. Prophetically as well as in some natural arenas of numerology, it is considered a “Master Number.” When applied to an individual, it is considered to be the highest level of spiritual consciousness obtained, especially as it corresponds to the “Christ conscious” gridline. That number is correlated to Christ, due to the year of HIS natural death at Calvary, which was in A.D. 33. At the 33rd parallel, many significant events have occurred or significant structures have been erected or major historical deaths have occurred. Let me take a moment to bring a few of them to your attention for consideration of spiritual interest.

In Enoch 6:6, the “Fallen Ones” descended to earth and started their pact or covenant of wickedness on a mountain known today as Mt. Hermon. This mountain sits at the 33rd parallel. Mt. Sinai also known as Mt. Horeb (Exodus 19; 24; 31) is where Moses received the 10 Commandments GOD is also located at the 33rd parallel. The Transfiguration of Christ as referenced in Matt. 17:2 and Mark 9:2. Armageddon, which is the most profound battle of good and evil that is prophesied to occur in the valley of Megiddo in the book of Revelation, is located at the 33rd parallel. Even the Ancient city of Babylon and the Babylonian Empire was located along the 33rd parallel. Currently, Baghdad even sits along the 33rd parallel. As one looks at the architectural structures of Egypt, the Sphynx as one of the greatest wonders of the world sits at an angle of 33 degrees. Interesting isn’t it?

Other locations are also found along grid lines congruent to the 33rd parallel. Under Native American culture, Mt. Graham in Arizona was believed to be where the beginning of things happened and that the “ancient ones” or “Shawwmen” who did wickedness were sealed in the earth by a fireball from the heavens. It was also believed that this location was a door way or gate for spirits to travel between worlds and the heavens. Arizona also has been known to be one of the major areas in the USA for UFO phenomena. The 1947 incident of Roswell, New Mexico occurred at the 33rd parallel. The test site of the first A-Bomb was conducted in White Sands, New Mexico which was at the 33rd parallel. The suicides “Heavens Gate Cult” of Rancho Santa Fe, California occurred at the 33rd parallel. The crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia on 2 Feb 03 in Dallas, Texas occurred at the 33rd parallel. As previously stated, the 33rd parallel has been called the “Parallel or Ley-line of Sacrifice.” In stating all of these things, is this coincidence? It could be deemed so by some, but for GOD nothing is by coincidence. When it comes to GOD, all things are by divine design.

What does knowing this information convey to us as spiritual beings? Well, the primary point to be made is that we should be conscious of knowing that there are some places on the earth that provide additional energy that would harmonically assist us with intensifying our prayers to GOD. In the same turn, this information also makes us knowledgeable as to how occultist and demonic activity are warring against us as believers with extremely powerful strongholds as referenced in Daniel 7:21. We do not get easily warn-out by non-believers however; as spiritual beings, we do get frustrated and warn-out by demons and those that operate wickedness against us through the manipulation of unseen powers. We must understand that in the art of war, one must do their homework to first identify the enemy and second to know what weapons the enemy possesses and operates with. This gives the individual the advantage in knowing how to devise their plan to defeat their enemy. Unless we do these things as believers, we will continue to walk into spiritual battles without knowing what we are dealing with. When we don’t know what we are dealing with, we place ourselves in a position of not truly knowing the potential of the enemy. GOD gives us knowledge and instructions through HIS word in order for us not be easily fooled by devils or become naive to their devices. It is the same concept as to when Moses sent Joshua and the other men to spy out the camp of the enemy when we read Numbers 13. This concept is supported again when one reads Joshua 2. In this chapter, Joshua sent men to spy out Jericho in order for them to strategize with the wisdom of GOD to defeat the city. With that being said, allow this information to make you “knowledgeable” of what exists as well as what is at work, when it comes to our ability to tap into spiritual power (gridlines) that we don’t see with the naked eye.


From The Desk of


Apostle T.L. Elliott


Prophetic Proclamation for 2014

Posted by Apostle T.L. Elliott on January 18, 2014 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

“The Year of Spiritual Revelation”

By Apostle T.L. Elliott (31 Dec 2103)


To all that are willing to hear and receive these words in the spirit, I prophecy and proclaim that this will be the year of “great spiritual revelation.” As we draw closer and closer to the return of our LORD and Savior, this will be a year of overflow of revelation as never seen or heard before in the history of time. This will be a year of great enlightenment that all will be left in amazement however; the enlightenment will be given according to the desires of the individual. For the ones desiring to know Christ better for their life, revelation (unveiling of knowledge with understanding) will be given according to the level of their desire, “for what you seek, ye shall find.” For those desiring to know and possess the ways of the world better, revelation of worldly things will be granted to them as well. This word is spoken of in Daniel 12:4 because the truth of the matter is that man continues to quest to know more about himself as well as what is to come for himself. The reality is that man is seeking to have a “revelation” of himself. It all starts with knowing who we are, what we are and what our purpose for existing is. As man continues to seek his awakening, many evade the fact that their spiritual amnesia of identity was caused by sin. As each man’s spirit begins to get a revelation in the natural of being asleep in the spirit, some will have a desire to know Christ better as well as having a revelation of needing to know HIM for themselves. As they seek this, they will discover it will begin by them first needing to identify with HIM within themselves. This will open the floodgates of godly revelation (i.e. understanding) of Christ that individuals may have never known existed. Those that tap into this will embrace the experience to a place of “spiritual addiction.” In order to embrace this prophetic proclamation however, one must also understand what revelation is. For one’s understanding, “spiritual revelation” is about receiving godly knowledge with understanding as well as proper application. Those who are of the Kingdom of GOD, this will be the year that HIS revelations will be obtainable as it has never been before. The catch will be if you are looking to receive it in the right places. Revelation must come from the right voice, at the right time, for the right reason and the right result. If not, many will be deceived and find themselves actually seeking worldly revelation that is only knowledge that prevents their spiritual awakening in the LORD. Be advised that the revelations of the world will sedate one’s ability to obtain the revelations of GOD.

As GOD has allowed the world to somewhat prosper in technology, the thoughts of man must also prosper to be in balance. Unfortunately, the revelations that the world has received and operate by have not been totally according to the will of GOD, but the will of man due to his sinful nature. Genesis 11:1-7 warns us that when man has a revelation that he has not consulted GOD on, it becomes vain knowledge based on personal imagination. For those who seek HIS will, the revelations they seek will be given upon the ones seeking HIM with HIS will in mind. Those who continue to seek vain revelation that is not for the advancement of the Kingdom of GOD, be forewarned that this will be the year of your internal destruction. The more your spiritual eyes are opened to ungodly revelations, the more you will become what you have been exposed to and the revelations of HIM will become further from your grasp. GOD desires for all to be part of the Kingdom, but this will be the year that the ungodly revelations that some seek will be their undoing. Understand, revelation can either make you or break you and this will be the year that some will receive, rise and walk into the revelations of eternal life while others will receive, rise and walk into the revelations of eternal damnation (Dan. 12:2). With that being stated, which revelations will you choose to seek? We are destined to receive “revelation” based on the choices we make to determine who we will become. “Revelation” was never meant to be received based on who the world wants us to be. This is what thus sayeth the LORD for those who are willing to hear and receive these words for the eternal destiny of their soul.




From the Desk of:

Apostle T.L. Elliott

T.L. Elliott Ministries



The Identity and Agenda of Demons

Posted by Apostle T.L. Elliott on January 18, 2014 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever asked yourself as to the question of who are the “demons” mentioned in the scriptures of GOD as well as other external writings? Some of us ask that question where others have assumed they know the answer due to reading “between the lines” of the scriptures that are already given. That may be the case for many, but I wish to take this time to bring enlightenment to the spiritual demons of this world, so that we will be able to properly identify the spiritual challenges that we encounter other than the internal challenges of our own spirit.


In order to understand the identity of the demons, we must first understand the scriptural definition of a demon. The term “demon” means a spirit or agent of evil, harm or distress. Note however; demon is not a term given for a specific identity, but a general term of identity for a spiritual operative of evil activity. The scriptures refer to “demons” as “devils.” Devil comes from the Greek word “daimonizomai,” which means to be under the power of a demon (evil spirit). One will find them reference in Matt. 8:16; 12:28; Luke 4:33; 7:12; 8:2, 29; 9:42; Acts 19:12-16. Demons have also been identified as “seducing” spirits as referenced in 1Timothy 4:1. When one gets into the root of the scriptural meaning of seduce, they will find threads of the agenda of these specific spirits (demons). The word “seducing” comes from the Greek word “Planos,” which first of all identifies that the demon is what is known as a “wondering or roving spirit.” This means that the demon exists as a disembodied spirit that wonders like a vagabond on the earth seeking a host to physically operate in. The second part of the definition of seducing means “misleading or to lead into error.” With that being said, for one to get the full understanding of the agenda of a demon, they are wicked spirits that are looking for a willing body to allow them to inhabit in order to carry out their wicked activity or agenda in the physical realm. In most instances, their agenda with man is not only to bring about their wickedness, but to also bring man to a place of war to experience his own physical demise, such as when the day of the battle of Armageddon arises (Rev. 16:14-16).


Let me take a moment to make this statement to clarify a spiritual uncertainty among many individuals. Even though we often give him the credit, Satan is not all demons and all demons are not Satan. Remember, Satan is not GOD so, he is not “omnipresent, omniscient or omnipotent.” Satan does have a desired goal to replace and destroy GOD and all of HIS righteousness, but most wickedness that we individually deal with is through the influence of demonic activity in order to get an individual to submit to their will or agenda.


By scripture, when demons identified themselves by name, they called themselves “Legion” to imply they have inhabit an individual with numerous spiritual identities or agendas (Mark 5:9, 15; Luke 8:30). What one will find interesting is that during the Roman period of time, “legion” came from the Greek word “legeon” which referred to a minimum of 6,826 Soldiers to a regiment. That basically implies that the demons referred to themselves as being a military or strategic regiment being hosted by a single individual. With that being said, it may introduce the question in your mind as to where did the “demons” come from that become hosted by individuals?


Let us take a moment to briefly explore the history of the “demons”. Many of our religious beliefs have taken us to assume that demons are nothing more that the “fallen angels” that came from heaven with Lucifer (Satan) due to their disobedience to GOD. The scriptures directly reference the fall of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12-27 and Luke 10:18. The fallen angels that were cast out of heaven with Lucifer (Satan) are referenced in Jude 6 and Revelation 12:9. What I wish to bring to your attention however, is the fact that both of these books that are positioned as the last 2 books of the New Testament continue to address these spiritual beings as angels and not demons. Why do I bring this to your attention? Well, have we considered that the demons referenced in scriptures as well as in today’s writings are not directly the fallen (disobedient) angels, but are their offspring? As I present this thought to you, Jude states that the “fallen angels” are reserved in everlasting (eternal) chains under darkness (separation from GOD) until the judgment of the great day (Rev.6:17; 20:9-10, 14-15). When we look beyond the canonized scriptures to the writings of individuals “referenced” by scripture, we will obtain a slightly different picture while also providing us more clarity to there identity. In the writings of Enoch, he identified the angels also as “Watchers (those meant to observe, i.e. witness without interaction),” “Sons of GOD” and the “Sons of Heaven.” As Genesis 6:1-7 begins to tell of the sons of GOD looking upon the daughters of men and taking them as wives as well as producing children (offspring). Enoch 6 also references this same story, but give a little more information. Enoch identifies the fact of the “fallen ones” being 200 in number coming to Mt. Hermon, which means “place of swearing or binding one’s self to a mutual covenant i.e. curse.” Chapter 7 of Enoch speaks of them defiling women and producing offspring that were a spiritual abomination before GOD called “Nephilim,” which is to mean “Giant who is also a tyrant.” There were Nephilim warriors called “Gibbor,” which means to have strength and be mighty. In Enoch12:3-6; 14:5-6, it references that fact that he was instructed by GOD to inform the fallen angels as well as their offspring HE has placed judgment upon them for their wickedness. GOD condemns the “fallen ones” not only to eternal damnation, but also to witness the destruction of their children. The “fallen ones” asked Enoch in chapter 13 to petition to GOD on their behalf for forgiveness, but their judgment was set. Chapter 15, GOD explains to them they were designed to be spiritual beings with eternal life and immortality. Man was given wives to impregnate, regenerate and to continue the works of the earth, since he was given flesh and blood that would live and die. Christ eluded to this truth in Luke 20:34-36 when we understand what HE was conveying for our understanding. As a result, Enoch 15:8 states that the children or giants produced though this abominable act “shall be called evil spirits (demons) upon the earth.” Since their beginning is of primal origin (Enoch 15:9). They are not spirits that can enter heaven and they are not the spirits that committed the original crime (sin) of the “fallen ones,” but they are “giants” deemed to rise up against men, women and children and cause affliction, oppression, destruction, attacks, war, and trouble on the earth (Enoch 15:8-12). This has proven itself so in Old Testament records (Gen. 6:4; 13:13; Deu. 2:11, 20; 3:11,13; Josh. 12:4; 13:12; 15:8; 17:15; 18:16; 1 Ch. 20:6) , as well as what we are experience in current times. Unfortunately, these demons will continue to due wickedness until the day of consummation (i.e. the ultimate end or the great judgment) as deemed for the rest of the world in Revelation 19. With this information now being provided, one should be able to clearly understand the identity as well as the agenda of the “demons.”


From the desk of

Apostle T.L. Elliott


Latest News Regarding Nimrod

Posted by Apostle T.L. Elliott on January 18, 2014 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Known in history by many names, the body of Christ must keep a watchful eye regarding a possibility in the return of the wicked-one known as Nimrod. You ask, “who was Nimrod?” Nimrod was the son of Cush and grandson of Ham (Noah’s son). His name in Hebrew means “Rebel” or “one who rebels,” and due to his record, it was a name rightfully earned. Nimrod and his kingdoms are biblically referenced in Genesis 10:6-12; 11:1-9; 14:1-7. In the non-canonized scriptural writings, he is referenced in Jasher 7:23-11:8; 12; 26:1-17 and Enoch. As I speak of the return of Nimrod, I am speaking in terms of his spiritual return as well as possibly his physical return (i.e. re-animation of his body or remains). In order to understand how significant this is, let me begin to share with you some additional information regarding Nimrod that many would find very interesting.

Nimrod existed in many cultures but under different names. The most common names that Nimrod was identified with over history in different cultures were: Nimrod, Amraphel, Gilgamesh, Baal, Melqart, Adonis, Dumuzi, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithra, Orion, Apollo, Tammuz, Osiris, Abaddon, Apollyon. In his time of existence, he was said to be not only the first declared king of the earth, but also a god. The history records declare that he was 2/3rds deity and 1/3 human. This is based on the belief that 1/3rd of his humanity was due to his earthly bloodline through Cush, Ham and Noah; 1/3rd of his deity was based on the theory of his bloodline being polluted with the Niphilim/Gaboorim genealogy (possibly given through his grandmother , i.e. Ham’s wife); and 1/3 deity possibly though genetic manipulation (or enhancement) of the currently believed Niphilim gene. Nimrod is the individual behind the engineering of the Tower of Babel referenced in Genesis 11.

Why is Nimrod significant at this point in time? If there is at work an unforeseen agenda to re-manifest his existence to the world, it may causes believers to stumble in their walk with GOD. This could also result in many believers either losing their salvation or causing an unnecessary spiritual struggle in their life regarding their beliefs and trust in GOD. Many have asked is there anything that can be done by a believer to prevent these end-time events from occurring. Unfortunately, there is nothing an individual can do to stop these chains of events from occurring however; an individual can be in control of their destiny to live with GOD. The word of GOD tells us to, “be in the world, but not of the world.” A roman 12:2 tells us not to conform to the ways of the world. We are subject to the effects of the world do to our human bodies however; we are held accountable by GOD as to not voluntarily corrupting our bodies by being naive or blind to the devices of Satan and the ungodliness of the world. As believers, if we do not discern the ungodly ways of the world as they impact our lives, it will result in our willing participation or acceptance of living according to the world’s unrighteous behavior. Whether one believes what is being revealed in this document or not, we must still be knowledgeable in order to keep our spiritual walk focused on the true things of GOD vs. living according to worldly deceptions we have no knowledge about due to our personal ignorance. As one begins to grasp the information that has been written, they will begin to understand the additional information that is to follow regarding end-time prophecy and the severity of the spiritual concern regarding Nimrod.

As referenced in Revelation 9:11, there is a 5th trumpet judgment upon mankind in which a king was given charge over wicked individuals to torture those believers in GOD for 5 months. The king was identified as the “angel of the bottomless pit (abyss)” known as Abaddon and Apollyon. What is interesting is this individual bares the names of Nimrod. Also, Revelation 9:17-21 re-emphasizes the sinful crimes and acts associated with the historical Nimrod of Genesis, Jasher as well as the acts of the “Fallen Ones” and Niphilim referenced in the Book of Enoch.

Another interesting point to consider regarding the possible return of Nimrod is that it is believed by some that the “secret tomb” of Gilgamesh (Nimrod) was found in Iraq in 2003. Christ referenced in Matthew 24: 21-26 speaks of a time that if possible, even the “elect” will be deceived. It mentions that false prophets and false Christ’s will arise. Matthew 24:26 tells us that we will be told that Christ is in the desert in a secret tomb, but do not go looking there. What’s amazing is what is previously stated about the tomb of Nimrod/Gilgamesh and how it can be compared to this text. Revelation 13:1-11 references a “Beast” that is and that was, but yet lives. Nimrod was known in history as a “mighty” warrior. The concern at that time was who had the ability to make war with him. Revelation also gives the same emphasis to the scriptures in chapter 9 as to who could make war with this beast. Rev. 13:3 makes mention of a deadly wound to the head that was miraculously healed. Coincidentally, Nimrod’s death was by a wound to the head (head chopped off by Esau similar to the way David killed Goliath). Rev. 13:13 he caused fire to come down from heaven as it was so in the time of the Tower of Babel (Jasher 9:38). With the evidence that has been presented, is it not feasible to consider that Nimrod could be a “returning beast” or the antichrist that the world has been waiting to see identified.


From the Desk of

Apostle T.L. Elliott



Purpose Behind End-Time Prophecy Writings

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Many individuals may begin to ask, “What is the purpose behind End-Time Prophecy Writing?” My response to this question is that this is the season in which individuals should be aware of the spiritual as well as natural things that are at work. Unfortunately, as the scriptures insinuate that there are many that are dead in Christ, it is not limited to the natural. There are many that are dead in Christ spiritually. Some of this is due to spiritual blindness of demonic as well as ungodly activities of the world that are constantly at work, despite the best interest of those that are servants of GOD. The spiritual blindness I am referring to has become foundational either due to unawareness or deliberate denial on the part of the individual.

Understand that end-time prophecy information is not designed to scare an individual that is seeking an eternal life with the LORD, but to help them embrace the path that they are on and not to be easily distracted from their “eternal existence with GOD” plan. We must understand that Satan uses many devices in order to cause souls not to be obedient to GOD. The reason for this is to cost them their eternal salvation through GOD, since man is considered HIS prize possession. We are spiritual beings destined for either eternal life or eternal damnation. Whether one has realized it or not, our physical bodies are the only element of our existence that we have the physical ability to see die. The spiritual side of us will experience the final judgment of GOD (Daniel 12 and Revelation 19) which is directed towards the spiritual death or the eternal life of the soul. Due to one’s concern regarding the eternity of their soul, end-time prophecy (revelation) is given to us in order to guide our decisions to an expected final outcome for our soul. When we understand that, end-time writings have some articulated purposes behind their true function for the destiny of our soul.

When one begins to look at the detailed purpose of end-time writings, they will first discover that they are purposed for the revealing of who Christ is within their life and for their life (Eph. 3:8; Col.1:27; Col. 2:2). It is also meant to show how to develop a relationship with HIM (Rev. 1:1-3). Even in the natural, we normally date a person and learn about them (inside and out) before we decide to be committed to them (marry them).

Another purpose for end-time writing is to prevent believers or servants of the LORD from being easily intertwined or persuaded into demonic or worldly activities that will hinder their desire to chase after the LORD in righteousness. It will also assist the believers or servants of GOD from being presented unrighteous activities as part of the Kingdom of GOD in order to cause them to unknowingly participate. Unfortunately, this can possibly result in the damnation of one’s (if not others) soul.

Note, end-time prophecy teaching and writing is not done to solely persuade you to believe one way or another, but to mainly keep you informed. We should always keep our spiritual eyes open to prevent ourselves from being deceived. One must always understand that the things we see in the natural are not always what they seem to be in the spiritual. The body of Christ currently has a weakness in spiritual sight and end-time prophetic writing is a cure or another form of spiritual prescription to adjust that sight. If Eve was able to be deceived in the Garden of GOD (Eden), who is to say that believers cannot be deceived in the “garden of the world” regarding godly things? With that being said, the purpose behind the writings given to me are only to help the reader consider all possibilities of spiritual truth in order to keep their soul and relationship with GOD intact. We should always walk our spiritual lives with GOD with as little “outside influence” as possible.


From the Desk of

Apostle T. L. Elliott


Theological Nugget: Why The House of GOD is Dedicated to GOD

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Dedicating the House of GOD is an honorable concept that is biblical in nature vs. just being another event created by the body of Christ with no purpose. You will find it scripturally referenced in two locations of the Bible with physical and spiritual purpose given. Before addressing these, we must first understand what “dedicate” implies:


Dedicate (H2596: Chanak): to train up, inaugurate, initiate (place of new beginnings).


Deut. 20:5


1. It was a concept done in association to battle (dealing with your enemies).

2. Leadership spoke to the people and gave it as a challenge to each man.

3. It is necessary for battle (war). It is done according to the battles we have fought as well as the ones we have yet to fight.


Ezra 6:14-18


1. When we build according to what we are told/prophesied to do, prosperity comes along with the process (v.14).

2. Understand that prosperity comes with a completed task that GOD gives us to do by HIS commandments (especially as men of authority affirm GOD’s commands to those who are called to build) (v.15).

3. Dedication of the House becomes a practice among the people and is done with joy (Chedvah: gladness) (v.16).

4. Dedication is done with a sacrifice (v.17).

5. Through dedication, people are placed in their proper position (v.18)


What is the ultimate result of dedicating a house to the LORD?


1. In doing a dedication, we respectfully set apart the building to the worship of the true and living GOD as well as to the service of HIS Son, Jesus Christ.

2. The temple devoted to teaching GOD’s word; a place for sinners to come into relationship with Christ; believers might grow and be strengthened in their faith.

3. In dedicating a house, it becomes devoted to (purposed for): worship in prayer and song, sanctification of the family, training of the young and old, available to help the needy, promote brotherhood and son-ship, to give glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, fellowship and advancement of the Kingdom of GOD.


Spiritual Food For Thought

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What's a "GOD Thing" for you may only be a "Good Thing" to others, but don't get confused with their "Good Thing" and make it become your "GOD Thing!"

Prophetic Revelation/Thought: Isaiah 45:14-15

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Let GOD reveal HIMSELF to the world in you as you obtain prosperity and exemplify liberation to those who are still in chains! 

Spiritual Food For Thought

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When you begin to recognize Christ in you, the world will begin to recognize you in Christ!