About T.L. Elliott Ministries:

T.L. Elliott Ministries was founded by Apostle T.L. Elliott through the vision and anointing given by GOD, the character and assignment given by the Holy Spirit and the leadership, identity and gifts given by Jesus Christ.  Clarifying the ministry's insemination deems clarifying its leadership structure, identity and assignment. The ministry is non-denominational but
bares an apostolic anointing and foundation.  The teachings and doctrinal foundation of the ministry is based on the attributes of the first identity of the church (ekklesia) referenced in scripture (Acts 2:42).  The apostolic doctrine is also based on the foundational teachings of Christ referenced in Heb. 5:11-6:3 until believers are matured to receive further understanding

on the will of GOD for their life.


About the Apostle:
Apostle comes from the Greek word "Apostolos," which is one who is an ambassador that speaks for and about Christ locally and abroad.  The term is given to imply the primary assignment of one who is "sent to send," which means one commissioned to commission other individuals into their physical identities of ministry for the Kingdom of GOD.  What commissions an Apostle to commission others is through a ceremony identified as "Consecration."  The "Consecration" is a sacrificial vow of separation to cleanliness and holiness in order to serve GOD as well as giving godly service to others.  This vow has its scriptural origins referenced in Numbers 6.  The Apostle's assignment of commissioning others for the Kingdom of GOD is accomplished through prayer and/or receiving a spiritual revelation of the identity in the spirit. The commissioning of individuals in their identities for ministry is validated by others that walk under the same anointing (2 Cor.13:1; 1 Cor. 14:32; Matt. 18:16; 1 John 4:1). The Apostle also operates under additional assignments.


About the Assignment/Function of the Apostle:

-Appoint/Establish leadership in the Kingdom of GOD (Acts 1:20-26)
-Receive revelation & the mysteries of GOD to impart understanding (Eph. 3:3-7)
-Impart the Word of GOD to other individuals (Acts 2:41)
-Impart baptism (spiritually & physically) to other believers (Acts 2:41;
8:12; 11:16; Matt. 28:19)
-Laying on of hands to impart gifts to the believers (Acts 8:14-18; 6:6;
19:6; 1 Tim. 4:14; Heb. 6:2)
-Perform miracles, signs and wonders on behalf of the Kingdom of GOD (Acts
2:43; 8:12-13; Mark 16:17-18; 1 Cor. 12:28)
-Establish and maintain fellowship, prayers, and praise among the believers
in Christ (Acts 2:42-47)
-First foundational identity as well as the foundation layer of teaching and understanding 5-Fold Ministry to equip the saints: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, & Teachers
(Ephesians 2:19-22; 4:1-16; 1 Cor. 12:28-31)

About the T.L.Elliott Ministries' Motto:  Once tabernacles made temples but now temples being made tabernacles!

By Old Testament, GOD dwelled with HIS people through the mobile tabernacle given to Moses until they became foundational on HIS word in the times of David and Solomon.  At that point, HE dwelled with HIS people in a stationary temple.  Unfortunately, many have become comfortable with their "spiritual temple" performing like the "stationary temple" they are use to worshiping in.  As a result, performing ministry as an individual (for most) does not go beyond the "walls" of their current location or comfort zone of worship.  Due to this, GOD is calling HIS people to be mobile again as "individual tabernacles" in order to carry HIS word and desires for HIS children everywhere that their feet tread on HIS behalf! This is the prophetic voice and mandate that speaks to the heart of T.L. Elliott Ministries.  It is also a mandate for those who are willing to receive this revelation in their lives while they seek to have and maintain a real relationship with GOD!

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