T.L. Elliott Ministries wishes to take this opportunity to salute you with the blessing words of Grace, Mercy and Peace!  We are so appreciative that you have taken the time to honor us by visiting the ministry website. In doing so, we pray that the site becomes a blessing to you as you find a wealth of information regarding the Kingdom and the Word of GOD.  Our purpose in this site is to provide those that visit with as much information as possible in order to help them develope and grow a relationship with the LORD that is above and beyond all expectations.  Know that your visit was no mistake and due to that, we take this opportunity speak an abundance of blessings unto you.  We are confident that the resources you find available through this site have the ability to bless you in all of your spiritual needs.  With that being said, we wish to thank you for visiting and pray that this will not be the last time you are at the site.  To you, may "Blessings and Peace be granted!"


From the Desk of:
Apostle T.L. Elliott

Apostle T.L. Elliott:  This is a "Kingdom Minded" ministry called to speak into the lives of the present and future leaders of the Kingdom of GOD.  This ministry is also called to restore confidence in believers as they embrace their true identity as the Children of GOD!

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